Tharu Village Tour is especially for those guests who are keen to experience the typical local life of Tharus. Tharu is an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai, the southern foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and India.

Tharu people are light black skinned, short but very strong people. They spend most of their time in the agricutural field. They have large extended joint families who live under a roof about 25 to 120 people. They live in humid and hot place near by the forest or in the forest. They use mostly the local agro-based or forest based materials for their household necessities.

The Tharu village in Chitwan is situated very close to the Royal Chitwan National Park. Naturally, the people living there were used to living dangerously close to the nature. They are allowed into the National Park for 3-4 days in a year to collect Elephant Grass or the Savannah. They use this grass to make thatched roofs of their huts or use them to make fire.

Tharu people have unique culture, tradition and separate language.

A typical tharu village Walk / tharu village tour / tharu village visit
The tharu village tour is famous for close and personal observation of the Tharu culture and to witness the daily lifestyle and activities of the Tharu community. There is a choice between taking the tharu village tour on foot or on a tonka ride (ox cart ride). And yes, we can also organize the tour in a van or bus for bigger groups. It is always wise to take a local guide during the tour to better understand the local customs.

As you walk into the village you will realise that the villagers are much used to tourists and lens flare. The children get very excited to see you. You can peep into their houses as well. Although they do not mind tourists scampering around, going into their homes, intruding upon their privacy at almost all odd hours and taking pictures, it is always wise and polite to ask their permission first.

You can also enjoy visiting Tharu cultural museum which represents the socio-economical and cultural aspects of Tharu People while your visit to Chitwan.


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