Elephant bath is definitely one of the favorite activities that most of the travellers enjoy during their trip to the Chitwan National Park. The physical sensation of sitting atop this gigantic beast is overwhelming by itself. You feel so small and vulnerable, and yet, you can almost sense the gentleness of the elephant. These elephants are well trained, but the way they move slowly and deliberately into the water seems like they are naturally restraining their tremendous power for the benefit of their rider.

The elephant will dip his trunk in the water and shower you with water. There will be lots of splashing. You will also have a chance to bath this gigantic beast, splash and rub the water into his hide as he lays contentedly in the water. Every once in a while he flicks a bit of water onto you, as if to say “thanks”.

The playfulness of the elephant, the coolness of the water, the warmth of the sun, the roughness of the hide, the feeling of being perched up on top of such a massive beast, all these sensations combine into a feeling of pure, unadulterated joy you will never want it to end!


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